211 2nd Avenue Place NE  ·  Conover, NC 28613


  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

  • Nationally accredited by CARF

  • Qualified mental health professionals

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1265A 21st Street NE  ·  Hickory, NC 28601


  • Adult Day Health

  • Nationally accredited by CARF

  • Bachelors' level registered nurse & CNA's

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3390 Shepherd Road  ·  Maiden, NC 28650


  • Wide range of needs and concentrates on day-to-day necessities and activities

  • Qualified professional staff

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PO Box 807  ·  Hickory, NC 28603

228 2nd Street NW  · Hickory, NC 28601


  • Support Staff for center

  • Executive Director

  • Community & Fund Development

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Our Mission:

To enhance the vitality of participants' lives and support their caregivers by providing quality adult day services designed to keep them connected to and involved in the community.

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