Hello Everyone,

It's finally here!  ALP is re-opening June 1st and we could not be more excited.  Hopefully by now you've seen our plan and talked with staff from the center that serves you.

We're re-opening in phases to reduced numbers in the beginning.  We know this is not ideal, but we are working diligently to ensure our ability to keep everyone as safe and well as possible.  

While we cannot guarantee our centers are not exposed to the COVID 19 virus, our plan addresses how we will operate in the safest possible manner and how we will handle illness.  This is a joint effort.  We need your assistance too.  Please help us by:

     *  Reviewing the plan and make sure you understand it.  If you have questions please contact your center staff for clarity.

     *  If you are unwell, or have been exposed to any potential illness, please notify us and do not attend the center.

     *  You will be asked to wear a mask if you are able.  We understand that some of our participants are unable to wear a


     *  Social distancing will be enforced for all participants.

     *  Before you get on our van or enter our building wait for our staff to greet you and instruct you on how to proceed.

     *  Do not leave your loved one at ALP unless a staff member has instructed you that you may leave.

     *  Please understand that no family members or visitors are allowed in our centers during the re-opening until further notice.

     *  There will be no outings for the foreseeable future.

     *  We are working to obtain Ipads so that you may have contact with your loved one and staff via Zoom, FaceTime or other                         apps while they are with us.

     *  If you feel unsafe or unable to return, we encourage you to stay home until you feel ready to return.

     *  We will continue telehealth services and meal delivery services for those not immediately returning to us.  

This has been a challenging and difficult time for us all, but the staff at ALP have worked diligently.  We are proud to be forging a path through the unknown.  ALP has been proud to be a leader in our community in navigating this crisis.  We are not done.  We will continue to work closely our local public health officials, NC DHHS and monitor local developments.  We will continue to refine our plan daily if needed.  All decisions we make will be made with health and safety as foremost considerations.  Even though you may not have been in our buildings, you have been with us every step of the way and we with you.  We are a team, and we'll come out on the other side of this crisis as a team.

Forward together !


Our Mission:

To enhance the vitality of participants' lives and support their caregivers by providing quality adult day services designed to keep them connected to and involved in the community.

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